TEST PATCH 0.6E5 (3D support TEST 2 - no change to physics)

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TEST PATCH 0.6E5 (3D support TEST 2 - no change to physics)

Post Postao/la Jadran » 07.11.2013, 11:21

Hello Racers, here is a new TEST PATCH : 0.6E5

You can read about LFS development in the main forum :

This test patch is fully compatible with version 0.6E

You cannot upload hotlaps made with this test patch because it is only a test patch, not an official patch.

Please keep a backup of your LFS.exe from 0.6E so you can easily go back if there are any problems.

Changes from 0.6E4 to 0.6E5 :

Improved stereoscopic 3D support, including experimental Oculus Rift support.

Three 3D modes are available :

- TV / monitor / projector
- Conventional 3D headset
- Oculus Rift

Each mode has different characteristics.

- TV / monitor / projector mode - it is important to set your horizontal screen width, measured in mm. Not the diagonal, just the horizontal measurement from one side to the other. This, in conjunction with the interpupillary distance, should set the image up properly if you set the FOV to match the true horizontal view angle between your eyes and the TV edges. The virtual eye positions are affected and the centres of the two images displayed on the screen are offset by the same distance so the horizon appears to be in the distance.

- Conventional 3D headset - also has an interpupillary distance slider but in this case it only affects the virtual eye positions. I still have not coded compensation for the use of wider FOV angles than actually available. So if you use wider FOV than the true horizontal FOV of the device, you will still see exaggerated depth.

- Oculus Rift - this will try to load a DLL and connect to your Oculus Rift and from there it will get the interpupillary distance and other values, and head tracking should work. It's not supposed to be finished but should basically work. I'd be interested in your comments about the experience and how it compares with other games.


TEST PATCH 0.6E5 (ZIP FILE) (if you already have 0.6E) :
http://www.lfs.net/file_lfs.php?name=LFS_6E5.zip (1.0 MB)
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